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The Waving Sphere puzzle game

In 2017 I helped organize the Global Game Jam but didn’t really feel like joining a team because I didn’t want any pressure to get anything done. Some time into the jam though and after looking at some game creation tools, I decided to give GDevelop a shot.

This tool makes it easy to create games by just clicking together building blocks and some custom scripts in their DSL. Since I don’t have any clue with graphics and sound, I gathered some creative commons assets for the game. I was quite happy with the result because I made fast progress with GDevelop and found some amazing free music for the background. This gave me enough time for level design so I created 3 chapters with 5 levels each in the end.

The game idea is to click on spheres that, after a short delay, emit a wave. Each level has a target at which all of the waves have to meet in order to finish the level. But there’s a limited amount of waves that you can emit before you lose.

The only problem that I faced during the final hours of the game jam was performance. Since GDevelop has a UI-based low-code approach it was difficult to track down and solve the performance issues (and I ultimately didn’t fix them so the game needs way more resources than it should). If you want to give it a try anyways, you can download the game and see for yourself.

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